Seated L-R: EdnaHibbs, Irene Seevers, Paula Moeller
Standing L-R: Kathy Potterfield, and Mary Winifred Walters.
L-R: Patty Gillespie, Sr. Joanne Gonter, Janis Boury,
Irene Seevers
L-R: E Haning, Barbara Wilson,Irene Seevers, Kathy Potterfield,
Arleen Gwynne
L-R: Vicki Sleime and Kiki Ondrick
L-R: Susan Lockhart, Liz Nail, Patty Gillespie, Kathy Potterfield, and Pat Munera
Patty Herndon
Seated: E Haning
Standing: Blanche Yaeger
L-R:  Arleen Gwynne, Barbara Wilson, Ginger Burke,
and E Haning
L-R: Kiki Ondrick, Blanche Yaeger, and Amalia Castro
Susan Lockhart and Liz Nail
Edna and Manfred chatting and checking out pictures!