Blanche Yaeger
Blanche Yaeger
Wheeling, WV

Children: Meghan Kathleen

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years: Duquesne University  1970

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days?
Marrying Tex, taking 10 French students to Paris for five weeks, having my daughter Meghan

What you like to do? - hobbies, sports, recreation, church, etc. Counted cross stitch, crafts

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion?
E, Kiki, Audrey, Amalia

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal? The first day of classes

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal? The grad dance 

Most memorable event: Graduation

Favorite musical group while at the Mount: The Beatles

Favorite movie: Can’t remember   

Favorite teacher or class: Madame Roberts, French class

Favorite non-classroom activities: Basketball, softball

Favorite locations on campus and off campus: The Grotto

Place/space/sound that captures the Mount in memory: The bell in the hall

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion? Approximately 500

Name: Blanche Yaeger Guthrie
Spouse: Terry Allen “Tex” Guthrie
Location: Virginia