Class Roster

Class of ex '66

    Donna Wood Stuek

    Joan Neubauer

     Marti Suter Westfall

    Susan Lockhart Stobbs Updated !

Vicki Sleime


Alice Anglin
Bea Latzy
Janey Willson
Maggie McClure
Nancy Whitehouse
Rona Whitehouse
Sarah Martin
Susan Dainese
Susie Fleming
the Class of '66
     Audrey Ann Amos  Updated!

     Mary Joan Benson Updated!

     Joan Lois Berlow

     Janis Marie Boury

     Virginia Marie Burke Updated!

     Amalia Castro

     Elaine Marie Culley

     Billie Marie Fritz

     Patricia Ann Gillespie  Updated!

     Arleen Foster Gwynne Updated!

     Elizabeth Welty Haning Updated!

     Patricia Ann Herndon Updated!

     Edna Anne Hibbs Updated!

     Paula LynnMoeller  Updated!

     Patricia A. Munera

     Patricia Ann McGraw (In Memoriam)

     Lisbeth Ann Nail Updated!

     Mary Merrill O'Brien Updated!

     Mary Kathleen Ondrick Updated!

     Katharine Blair Potterfield Updated!

     Nancy Elizabeth Schenk Updated!
     Irene Mayela Seevers

     Nancy Ann Stemm Updated!

     Maria Del Carmen Velasco

     Mary Winifred Walters Updated!

     Barbara Ann Wilson Updated!

     Sara Sibley Wilson Updated!

     Blanche Estelle Yeager Updated!

If you have any information on our "missing" classmates, please let me know so we can list them as "found"!