Paula Moeller
Paula Lynn Moeller
Wheeling, WV
Name:         Paula Snyder
Legally – Linda Carol Carter Paula Lynn Moeller Burdette Snyder
Spouse:     Mike
Location: Ohio

Children: Stacey  37,    Brian  35,   Erick  27   Stepchildren:  Tim  39,  Michelle  33
Grand Children:    Emma 6,  Sophia  2 ½.  Stepgrandchildren  Andrew  9,  Sara  3,  Colin  1

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years:
Endicott Jr. College  1 year  Columbus State  1 year 

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days?
After one year of college I moved to Columbus Ohio and have been here for 38 years.  Married  Steve Burdette at barely 20 years old and was married for 19 years and have 3 of the best children ever.  Divorced for 3 years and then married my best friend, Mike and we’ve been married for 16 years.  Together we have five grandchildren that are the highlight of our lives. 
Found my birthfamily in 1980 and was very active in the adoption movement for many years.
Have lived in several different homes from traditional suburban living while raising kids to living out in the country and then 12 years in an urban downtown setting.  We restored 17 homes while living downtown which was the best “job” ever and we miss it very much. 
Traveled a good bit once the children were grown. 

What you like to do? - hobbies, sports, recreation, church, etc.
Ebay fanatic,   Sewing,  Crafts.  Have a very close group of eight women family and friends who get together at least once a month and go away for long weekends.  When we’re together we pretend like we are footloose and fancy free and giggle and laugh until we’re exhausted. 

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion?
Absolutely everyone but especially those I don’t get to see on a regular basis

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal?
I started going to the Mount as a small child for Turkey Supper and other events.  I think my mother knew she wanted me to go to school there and wanted me to feel comfortable there.  I remember thinking it was BIG and DARK.

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal?
I think many of the events of our senior year are all rolled into one for me.  We sure had lots of parties and festivities our senior year.  It was a year of intense happiness and anticipation and also a year of nostalgia and a bit of fear of “leaving the nest”.

Most memorable event:
It’s so tough to pick out just one, but I think it was graduation.

Favorite teacher or class:
Favorite overall teacher – hands down was Sister Mary Helen !!!! 

Favorite class was music, glee club.  It was certainly NOT Latin, but in my adult years I’m so glad we took Latin.

Favorite non-classroom activities:
Any of the parties and dances we were so busy decorating for.

Favorite locations on campus and off campus
Senior porch  and the stack room.  What does “stack room” mean anyway?????

Place/space/sound that captures the Mount in memory:
It’s one of those smells that you just can’t describe.  For me it’s a feeling like going to Grandma’s house.  It just feels  safe and cozy – like I’m supposed to be there. 

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion? 125

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