Edna Hibbs
Edna Hibbs
Uhrichsville, OH
Name:       Edna Hibbs Patterson
Location: Ohio

Children:  David Patterson

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years:
BA, Art History, Manhattanville, 1971
Certificate, Columbia University School of Architecture, Preservation Program, 1972

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days?  
I was privileged to be able to stay home and raise a great kid who has turned out well in spite of his parents – and to have been reunited in 2001 with the daughter I gave up for adoption when I was 20.  Pictures in April

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion?   All of you!   Last year’s 40 year alums had only TWO at the Reunion.  I’m so proud of my class, that we still have such great spirit and affection for the Mount and for each other.  Of course, I wish Patty McGraw could still be with us.

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal?   My interview with Sister Mary Helen and the tour of the school with my parents.  My dad loved Harry and thought the school was great, my letter of acceptance came the day before he died.  I’m not into the mystical very much, but I always felt that my being there was part of some “grand plan.”  

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal?   I hope there are no last memories of the Mount.

Most memorable event:   What do you think???  Getting the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award, of course!

Favorite musical group while at the Mount:  Hands down,  the Beatles

Favorite movie:   Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant 

Favorite teacher or class:   All of them!  (I’m spending too much time with the sisters these days to be anything but tactful.)

Favorite non-classroom activities:   I loved working on the parties and shows we did.

Favorite locations on campus and off campus:   The art studio, hanging out in the dorm, Elby’s and the newstand at the McClure (buying cigarettes)

Place/space/sound that captures the Mount in memory:  I don’t think I can narrow that one down.

Any unusual experience you would like to share or trips you have taken?   I’ve begun to think that my entire life is an unusual experience.   Trips?  I’ve visited some of the world’s best places and have a wealth of memories (and photos so be careful about asking about pictures).  If I’m asked which one is my favorite I usually answer, “the next one.”

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion?   150