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Susan Lockhart
Wheeling, WV
Name: Susan Lockhart Stobbs
Spouse: Allendale ( Pete) deceased
Children: Cassandra 27
Grand Children: Hopefully someday
Pets: One dog and one cat.

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years: West Virginia Wesleyan College BA

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days? All of the normal stuff,  marriage, motherhood and a  career .

Places you’ve lived: A ten mile radius, Wheeling and then St. Clairsville OH

What you like to do? - hobbies, sports, recreation, church, etc: Read, watch football, spend time with my daughter, spend time with friends.

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion? Everyone!!!!!! I wish we could find all of the “lost” classmates and have 100% attendance

Who’s idea was it that you attend the Mount and why? 
I think it was my parents idea that I attend and my parents idea that I leave.

How many years did you attend?  I was there for freshman and sophomore and loved every second of it! My daughter graduated from the Mount in 1997.

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal? My first memory is coming to school for the first time in my uniform and being scared to death.

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal? My last memory is standing in the hall with Sister Mary Helen crying because I didn’t want to leave the Mount. She told me that my parents were making a mistake.

Most memorable event: May Party

Favorite musical group while at the Mount: Beatles ( at least I think so, I remember sitting in the playroom and we were singing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”

Favorite movie: Summer Place

Favorite teacher or class: Sister Mary de Chantal, Ancient History and Sister Mary Grace, English.

Favorite non-classroom activities: Oh too many to mention, I loved all of the non classroom activities (think that is why my parents made me go to Triadelphia)

Favorite locations on campus and off campus: My house, Elbys, Liz’s house. On campus, loved the playroom. (Does anyone see a pattern here ?? Seems like I really loved anything involving fun and play.

Any unusual experience you would like to share or trips you have taken? Traveled to England and Scotland and as a result I am what my daughter refers to as a “tea snob” I have turned Liz into a tea snob too, we don’t do Liptons!! 

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion? 10