Mary Winifred
Mary Winifred Walters
South Charleston, WV
Name: Mary Winifred Walters
Spouse: Kissed Several Toads but My Night in Shining Armor Never Arrived
Location: Ohio

Children: Terry (27 years)

Grand Children: Lillie (17 months)

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years: BSN, Barry University, 1970
MS (Nursing), Ohio State University, 1978

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days? For many years, I was married to my career. Many would tell you I still am. I have been fortunate to be able to be an active part of others professional growth and development which has made my life richer. My first year after college was spent in Ohio, and I returned eight years ago, after 27 years in Florida. Terry has been my daughter for 15 years and she challenged and enriched my life more than any other experience.  My greatest blessing has been the last 17 months just being Lillie’s “Ya-ya”.  I truly treasure everyday that she is living with me and know she will keep a smile on my heart the rest of my life.

What you like to do? - hobbies, sports, recreation, church, etc.
I am an avid collector of too many things, OSU Football, love puttering in the yard…especially in Ohio where it is not a year round activity.

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion? All of you, but especially would love to see those who have never been back to a reunion…Joan Berlow, Billie, Carmen, followed by those who have only been to one reunion.

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal? The scholarship test, and the activities that went on that day besides the test.  Everyone seemed so happy, full of life and spirit.  It reminded me of Summer Camp which I loved. I begged my Mom all the way home to be able to go even if I didn’t get a scholarship.

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal? It hasn’t happened, because it stays alive through all of you….Paula, Nancy, Kathy, Edna.  I even had Nancy Schenk and Arleen end up in Miami at Barry with me, then shared an apartment briefly in Cols with Nancy.  Paula’s and Nancy ( Stemm’s) children, husbands and extended families have all been an important part of my life.

Most memorable event: Never ask me for ONE! Going to bed during the Cuban Missile Crisis and not sure I would ever see my family again;  being 13 and finally hearing about the birds and bees from Barbara Mick in the Playroom and trying not to act surprised or dumb; dancing during 37 Peas; Valentine Party and endless pink circles; pulling off May Party when there was no Dance teacher to do the Pageant; Musicales, Recitals and the very special one our senior year with Linsley and  the Youth Symphony; Cab Rides to downtown; walking to Elbys and smoking Vogue Cigarettes(gold filters and colored paper); the day we put our history teacher over the wall when she thought the Russians were coming down the Interstate; finally getting the bell on April Fool’s and having Harry open the chapel balcony door and tell us to quit giggling or the others would find us; Singing in the Chorus of Verdi’s Requiem with the Cols, Pittsburgh and Wheeling Symphonies;  Singing the most beautiful Mass’s with choir and Sister Gertrude; Nancy and my every week trips for one year to my Speech Therapist off Edgington Lane; Clara and Infirmary food and occasionally faking it to get in there; loosing ½ the class out the back of the classroom during Mary D’s classes; raising our hands to open our desks in endless study halls; eating food that I had never heard of…like City Chicken; and the first OUTDOOR Graduation under an awesome tree and the fun night that followed.

Favorite musical group while at the Mount: Letterman and Kingston Trio,

Favorite movie: Most memorable was the night I double dated with Joan Neubauer and we saw Diamond Head which was a “C” movie and we had to tell Sr. Mary Helen all about an “A” movie that we had not seen.  I was scared to death!

Favorite teacher or class: Sister Mary Helen was one of the three/four best teachers I had in 19 years of Formal education and I especially loved her World Geography Class.

Favorite non-classroom activities: playing Softball on a diamond that went uphill! I loved Free Time after school and supper.

Favorite locations on campus and off campus: Horne’s and Stone&Thomas because I could ‘CHARGE”;  Olgebay; I loved looking out the window of my room Senior Year… the hills in the distance, and watching all the activity in the circle below; there was something special about our other like it anywhere and the stories about the nuns being buried in the ceiling; the party room behind  the lockers; my room with Nancy Senior Year and going to sleep every night playing our albums.

Place/space/sound that captures the Mount in memory: Musicale clap, Ginger ringing the bell….mine was 3-2-3, incense at Benediction, clanking pipes at 5AM, driving up to the entrance, walking through one of the most beautiful front doors on earth as well as walking into the Music Hall all take me down Memory Lane.

Any unusual experience you would like to share or trips you have taken? I attended the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid by myself… what an adventure. I would love to go again in 2010. When you live in Florida, you are a part of many other people’s trips including some of you.  I quit counting my time on Disney property after 30 visits. I spent 6 summers in New England working at various summer camps, the last time with Terry in 1996.  All of my travel has been limited to North America, and I have had some great memorable trips… some for work and some with family. A special thanks to Paula, Kathy and Edna who all made the trip to FL which made my fortieth birthday one of my most memorable events including  all our Mount trivia games.

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion? Sign on I-70 by my house says 120.