E Haning

Children: Soren (31), Bess (25)
Grand Children: Sadly, none.

Continuing Education: Schools/Degrees/Years:
Trinity College, Hartford – American Studies – 1989

What have been the highlights in your personal life since your Mount days?
2 great children, 37-year marriage, wonderful career in Human Resources.

What you like to do? - hobbies, sports, recreation, church, etc.
Scuba diving, horseback riding (until a bad fall last year – still figuring out whether to get back on), boating, travel.  And, I pretend to garden.

Who would you especially like to see at the reunion?
The whole wonderful class of ’66.  (Plus my mother, but that may be asking too much.)

What is your first memory of Mount de Chantal?
As a very little girl, visiting with my mother and sister – driving through the big old gate up the tree-lined driveway, being greeted by Sr. Jane de Chantal on the front porch.  Flash forward 10 years, being greeted again by Jane D my freshman year.  She reminded me that she had confiscated my father’s Linsly ring from my mother, returning it at her graduation.  “We don’t wear jewelry here, dear.”

What is your last memory of Mount de Chantal?
Crying and yelling profane farewells to Mary O’Brien at the end of Janice Boury’s graduation breakfast.

Most memorable event: Has to be graduation

Favorite musical group while at the Mount: Temptations

Favorite movie: Alfie 

Favorite teacher or class: Sr. Mary de Chantal – Ancient History

Favorite non-classroom activities: Rosary and benediction?  Kidding.  Going to By-Rite at lunch time  (we didn’t need anything except a cigarette); walking around the circle; doing Hansel and Gretel; dancing in the Playroom; hanging in the candy store; singing St. Joseph’s Requiem.

Favorite locations on campus and off campus: Off: My house; Elby’s; Wheeling Country Club; Ogelbay; Donna’s house.
On:  Senior porch, music hall, grotto, stacks, refectory, big dorm.  Plus that cool space behind the middle dorm – the Playbox? – that led to the space above the chapel dome.

Place/space/sound that captures the Mount in memory: Some of them are listed above.  Practice rooms (sound of many pianos); chapel (smell of wax and incense); walking the circle; refectory and eating way too many “frosted delights” that the girls on diets gave me.

Any unusual experience you would like to share or trips you have taken?
Greece was wonderful.  Scuba trips to Bonaire and Curacao (cave and wreck dives)

How many miles will you travel to attend this reunion? 500

E Haning
Wheeling, WV

Name: Elizabeth Haning Sorensen
Spouse: Peter
Location: Connecticut